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Economic Development Dashboard

Civic dashboards powered by hundreds of data sources

Analyze and compare community data with
municipalities across North America

Collect, visualize, and benchmark community data with other jurisdictions throughout the United States and Canada. With our best-in-class Economic Development Dashboard solution, governments can automate data maintenance, supporting local investment attraction.

SaaS Solutions

Leverage the benefits of scalability, accessibility, enhanced security, and the cost-effectiveness of the cloud

Time-saving Automation

Automate community dashboards and allow citizens to pull data such as demographics, workforce, and education

Community Transparency

Inform and foster citizens with an easy-to-use, transparent communication solution

Community Profile Updates

Easily update your community profile with the most trusted and current data

Tell Your Story

Showcase your municipality to your visitor base to generate real leads from entrepreneurs to large companies

Deepen Citizen Engagement

Performance Dashboard

Create a transparent communication channel with your citizens that showcases customizable key performance indicators

Community Profiles

Verify your global community profile with us and we’ll showcase your data with the click of a button

Embedded Data

Display up-to-date data on your website and choose custom metrics to feature

Automated Workflows

Automate economic development dashboards and empower citizens to pull data on demographics, workforce, and education
Learn more about the Catalis solutions that are modernizing governments across North America.

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Website Management

With our website management solution, your municipality can get everything you need to design, develop, and maintain your online presence.

Meeting Management

Organize meetings more efficiently with interactive document management, task tracking, and agenda control tools.

Mass Notification

Send and manage communications to residents via multiple media channels using our centralized notification solution.

Data Visualization

Showcase key quantitative metrics in easily understandable and shareable ways.

Grant Management

Consolidate funding details in a single system and stay on top of grant opportunities and outcomes.