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CRM for Government Teams

Central portal to manage community messages

Connect your community with the latest municipal information

With our mass notification solution, municipal administrators can send and update resident communications via multiple media platforms. Distribute information easily through email, text messages, push notifications, social media, or voice calls. It’s the ultimate intuitive CRM for dynamic government teams.

User-friendly Management System

Easy-to-use application is great for the most novice user

Efficient Resident Notification

Send and manage communications to residents using one central system

Resident Transparency

Create groups for residents to communicate easily and openly

Targeted Information

Deliver targeted information to refined communication groups without manual effort

Deepen Citizen Engagement

Live Emergency Alerts

Send municipal alerts for inclement weather, road closures, and more

Website Integration

Allow residents to register and manage their accounts directly from your website

Targeted Messages

Deliver tailored communications to specific contact groups or geographic regions

Audio Voice & Text

Upload recorded messages or convert typed messages to voice and send via phone

Learn how Catalis CRM for government is modernizing governments across North America.

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Website Management

With our website management solution, your municipality can get everything you need to design, develop, and maintain your online presence.

Meeting Management

Organize meetings more efficiently with interactive document management, task tracking, and agenda control tools.

Economic Development Dashboard

Automate data collection and visualization, allowing your local government to compare ​​performance with municipalities across North America.

Data Visualization

Showcase key quantitative metrics in easily understandable and shareable ways.

Grant Management

Consolidate funding details in a single system and stay on top of grant opportunities and outcomes.