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Meeting Management Software

Easy-to-use meeting management solution

Automate scheduling and follow-up
for better meeting management

Save your administrators time with our advanced meeting management software that streamlines scheduling and connects the public with key updates. Our meeting management software is intuitively designed and suitable for technology users at any level.

Save Administrator Time

Organize meetings more efficiently with our interactive scheduling system

User-friendly Management System

Easy-to-use solution made for even the most novice users

Streamline Scheduling

Use our advanced meeting management system to efficiently streamline scheduling

Connect With the Public

Easily update and connect with the public with our advanced solution.

Deepen Citizen Engagement

Digitized Agendas & Minutes

Automate agenda packages and meeting notes, eliminating paper-based processes

Synced Schedules

Centralize scheduling functions and connect with Microsoft Outlook or iCloud calendars

Learn how Catalis meeting management software is modernizing governments across North America.

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